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Your boiler system keeps your home warm and comfortable when the temperature begins to drop. Boilers, like any appliance in your home, will eventually have problems.

If think your boiler is not working, do not try to fix it yourself. This is a dangerous work, as boiler repair should only be performed by those licensed to do the work. Otherwise, you risk a potential explosion which could result in properity damage, injury or death. It is for this reason that you should call HVAC911 to be connected to a reliable, local contractor with experience in this field.

An HVAC service technician highly trained and highly skilled in boiler maintenance and repair will do more than just tell you to swap out a radiator or repair a leak. Our affiliated techs can do complete boiler repair from the top down, and are certified to legally repair your boiler.

A new boiler can save you money.

Call HVAC 911 at 703-940-0794 for an instant referral to a licensed, insured and bonded Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia HVAC contractor, who has experience repairing or replacing boilers.

If you have an older boiler, you can significantly lower your heating bill by replacing it. Boilers over 20 years old are about 60 percent to 70 percent less efficient than newer models. Invest in an ENERGY STAR-rated boiler for optimal energy efficiency.

These same experts can also perform the yearly maintenance required to keep your boiler running efficiently.

Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia’s HVAC 911 Network Connects You with the Best Service Tech to Handle Your Boiler Issues!

When you call HVAC 911, we connect you with one of our highly skilled Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia service techs operating right in your neighborhood. These are expert local service techicians, not fly by night guys whose sole purpose is to sell you a new boiler you do not need.

They know how to treat customers right and will get the job done timely and efficient.

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Full Range of Boiler Repair and Replacement Options

Our expert service techs offer a full range boiler services. From annual inspections to repairing a failed ignition system to handling a loss of pressure, our certified experts will work to get your boiler working and your house warm.

Expert Guidance If You Need to Replace Your Boiler

If your boiler is beyond repair, our HVAC 911 boiler experts are fully-equipped to help you best determine what type of replacement unit is best suited for your family’s heating needs. They are experienced and fully-trained to install all types of units and can even discuss the pros and cons of different boiler systems.

Ask your HVAC 911 representative about tankless water heaters, which can provide energy savings while offering an endless supply of hot water at all times.

What If You Smell Gas Coming from Your Boiler?

Natural gas is common energy source used to heat boilers. If you smell natural gas coming from your boiler, you need to take immediate action to determine where the potential leak may be located.

No matter the time of day or night, immediately call HVAC 911 at 703-940-0794 to be referred to a licensed Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia service tech who is highly trained to identify and fix natural gas leaks associated with boilers.

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Trust Our DC, Maryland and Virginia Service Techs To Best Handle Your Boiler Repair!

Trained, background checked, drug tested, licensed and insured plumbers

Over 10,000 Hours of Training

Our service techs are all accredited and licensed professionals with years of experience. Each has completed extensive coursework, including continuing training on the latest techniques and equipment.

Trained, background checked, drug tested, licensed and insured plumbers

Background Checked & Drug Tested

We require our service techs to submit to a rigorous background check before they can participate in our network.

They also agree to undergo routine drug testing.

Trained, background checked, drug tested, licensed and insured plumbers

All Licensed & Insured Expert Service Techs

We have 24/7 national HVAC professionals, who are licensed and insured to guarantee that the job gets done correctly. When you talk to one of our contractors, you know they are certified to handle the job at hand.

Why Should You Call Us for Your Boiler Repair?

We have expert service techs, who are accredited professionals in repairing boilers in and around the DC, Maryland and Virginia area.

Our licensed and experienced service techs regularly attend training courses, in order to update their skillset and to make them knowledgeable on the latest techniques and technologies in the HVAC industry. Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia HVAC 911 service techs must pass a thorough background check and undergo random drug tests before working inside homes.

When you call HVAC 911, we will do our best to connect you with one of our highly skilled service techs. Our 24/7 emergency service provides the best solution to your boiler problems.