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13 Feb

A bad heater makes homeowners heated: what to do if your heater quits

As the weather gets colder, it is frustrating when your heater does not work. The question most homeowners have is why? This can be for many reasons, but first, it is best to rule out some easy fixes. 


Easy tips to check on your heater

Have you turned on your thermostat? It is good to go through a checklist of things that may seem obvious because the heater can’t do its job without them. 

Another would be the colored lights on the heater. If it’s a red light, you should call a professional like those referred through HVAC 911 Maine. The technician can run a test that will help you determine the issue with your heating system. 

In case of the green light, the next step is to look at your power source. This may be as simple as a breaker reset, or if there is a blown fuse, it will need to be replaced. 

The filter is the next box to check. It is possible with a dirty filter that air cannot move as it should. If this is the case, change your filter. 

The furnace may sometimes not do its job because of the safety switch on the door. If it is not closed properly, the furnace won’t function. To fix this, just shut the door again until it latches.

The final step on the checklist is to clear any material that may get stuck in the exhaust vents. If these clogs do not move, they could damage the system. 


If the checklist is all checked, is there another box?

It is important to check and clean your furnace often so that the motors can do their job without anything getting in the way. Otherwise, this puts stress on the furnace and that will cause it to stop working.

If none of the problems listed above seem to be what is stopping your heater, you will need to call a local professional through HVAC 911 Maine. These skilled workers can fix any heat, ventilation, or air conditioning problem that you may have.


An HVAC assistant will then be chosen to help you and will let you know their plan step by step.