Heat Pump Maintenance

Why does my heat pump need to be serviced on an annual basis?

Routine maintenance will help your heat pump last longer.

As with any mechanical system, wear and tear are natural over time, but without regular maintenance, the parts on a heat pump can wear out faster.

Frequently, worn-down parts can lead to a complete system breakdown. Regular service on your heat pump ensures all components are oiled, maintained and in good working order, extending the unit’s lifespan.

This work will also help you save money through lower energy bills and avoid emergency repairs in the midst of heat waves or cold snaps.

Heat pumps are complex pieces of mechanical equipment, so it is best left up to the professionals to install, repair or conduct maintenance on your device. Trust a service technician referred by HVAC 911 to perform regular maintenance on your heat pump.

How often should preventive maintenance be performed on my heat pump?

A heat pump is an innovative system that provides both cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. Since it operates year-round, it needs to be serviced by a professional HVAC specialist at the beginning of each season.

In many instances, the best times to have preventative maintenance performed on your heat pump are in the spring and fall months when the unit is not in use as frequently.

Additionally, most heat pumps are covered under warranty. Generally, as a condition of the warranty, most manufacturers require a certified technician to service your heat pump on a regular basis.

Biannual inspections will ensure the warranty remains valid if you suddenly face an emergency issue.

What does routine heat pump maintenance entail?

A licensed service technician can clean the unit and inspect your heat pump for wear and tear.

When you hire a heat pump contractor referred through HVAC 911 for heat pump maintenance, they will inspect the unit to make sure it runs as designed. They will lubricate parts, check electrical connections and clean the unit to remove any debris or dirt.

A licensed technician will also change the filter to ensure the air pumped into your home is clean and high quality. This filter change is beneficial to anyone in your home who suffers from allergies and will also improve the efficiency of your heat pump and lower your heating bill.

Why should you call us?

We have expert technicians who are accredited professionals throughout the U.S.

Our licensed, bonded, insured and experienced heat pump technicians regularly attend training courses in order to update their skillset and to make them knowledgeable on the latest techniques and technologies in the heating and cooling industry. Affiliated HVAC 911 heat pump technicians must pass a thorough background check and undergo random drug tests.

When you call HVAC 911, we will do our best to connect you with one of our highly skilled heat pump contractors. Their technicians will expertly perform the routine service maintenance your heat pump needs to ensure the temperature inside your home remains comfortable — no matter the conditions outside.

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