Air Conditioner Maintenance

Why does my air conditioner need routine maintenance?

Your air conditioner requires regular maintenance, performed by a licensed professional, to keep it working in top shape, especially since the unit sits outside.

A yearly inspection will ensure your unit runs efficiently and identifies any potential problems before they become more serious and more costly. Annual maintenance is a small price to pay compared to the cost of repairing or replacing a neglected AC unit.

HVAC 911 contractors are staffed by highly-trained and highly-qualified tradesmen and tradeswomen who understand the necessity of a functional air conditioner.

How often should my AC unit be serviced?

We recommend all air conditioning units, regardless of age, undergo preventative maintenance each year before temperatures start to rise. It is also easier to schedule such maintenance before technicians are busy fixing or repairing broken units.

This routine service could occur shortly after the warm season ends or sometime before you turn the unit on in the spring.

Preventative maintenance prior to the start of the warm season will ensure your air conditioner operates at peak efficiency, which can lower your electrical bill and prevent the unit from breaking down in the midst of a heat wave.

What does regular HVAC maintenance entail?

An inspection performed by a contractor referred by HVAC 911 will check the unit to ensure it is in working condition.

This means the service technician will check the coolant levels, inspect fan blades, clean or lubricate parts and ensure all electrical connections are tight. They will also examine all parts to see if any need to be replaced.

Why should you call us?

We have expert technicians who are accredited professionals throughout the U.S.

Our licensed, bonded, insured and experienced furnace technicians regularly attend training courses to update their skillset and make them knowledgeable on the latest techniques and technologies in the heating and cooling industry. Affiliated HVAC 911 HVAC technicians must pass a thorough background check and undergo random drug tests.

When you call HVAC 911, we will do our best to connect you with one of our highly skilled air conditioning contractors. Their technicians will expertly perform routine service maintenance on your air conditioner to ensure the temperature inside your home remains comfortable — no matter the conditions outside.

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