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What is a boiler?

A boiler is an appliance used to heat homes and businesses. The process occurs when the boiler heats water into a steam, the steam is then pushed throughout the home or business in order to raise the room temperature. Boilers are used because they are a cost efficient and a low energy way to transport heat.

Common Boiler Problems

Boilers, like any appliance in your home, will eventually have problems. If you are facing any of the following problems or other boiler related problems, it is important you call HVAC911 to be connected to a reliable, local contractor.

One of the most common boiler problems is kettling, which occurs when minerals build up in the water supply. The result can be a loud gurgling or rumbling noise, which will cause future problems.

Another common boiler problem is the pilot refuses to light. In modern boilers, this process should automatically happen through an ignition. If the ignition does not light, the boiler cannot heat the water inside and system will not work.

Like any plumbing appliance, a boiler is subject to leaks. Leaks can occur with the boiler directly or in the pipes attached to the boiler. The problems associated with a leak can be costly, as a boiler leak drastically reduces efficiency.

HVAC 911 Can Help!

There are many other boiler related problems that can occur if it is not regularly and properly maintained. Contact HVAC 911 to be connected to highly qualified local service technicians who can handle any boiler issue.

Our expert service technicians are highly skilled and highly trained through regular upgrade training classes to learn the newest techniques and to perfect their craft. These professionals are local and understand the unique challenges of your area.

Why should you call us?
We have expert techs, who are accredited professionals throughout the United States.
Our licensed and experienced service techs regularly attend training courses, in order to update their skillset and to make them knowledgeable on the latest techniques and technologies in the plumbing industry. Affiliated HVACC 911 service techs must pass a thorough background check and undergo random drug tests before working inside homes.    
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