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The importance of a functioning furnace

Your furnace is arguably one of the most vital appliances in your entire home. Your furnace is the piece of mechanical equipment that heats up your entire home, making the cold of winter a little more bearable.

Ensuring your furnace is fully functional will prevent problems caused by a cold house, as it does more than keep the inhabitants of a home warm. When the temperature drops and things begin to freeze, your furnace protects everything inside your home from catastrophe. Without this functioning appliance, pipes and water lines can freeze or burst, causing hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage.

Furnace installation

A properly installed and maintained furnace is crucial to the comfort of your home and the longevity of other expensive systems, like your piping system. HVAC 911 contractors are staffed by highly-trained and highly-qualified tradesmen and tradeswomen, who understand the necessity of a functional furnace.

These men and women are trained in the latest industry technology and can recommend the right furnace to install in your home. Not only can they recommend a furnace, but they have been properly trained to install it as well.

A properly installed furnace will not only keep all occupants safe, but warm.

Furnaces not properly installed can develop a carbon monoxide leak, allowing this odorless and tasteless poisonous gas to enter your living areas, potentially endangering the lives of all building occupants.

Regular furnace maintenance

When you make a substantial investment, such as purchasing a furnace, it is crucial you pay attention to the unit and ensure it receives regular maintenance.

We recommend all furnaces, regardless of age, undergo preventative maintenance each year before the cold weather sets. A qualified HVAC 911 affiliated contractor can inspect your furnace for dust buildup, ignition issues, clogged filters, electrical problems or other issues that may cause your furnace to stop working when you need it the most.

A yearly inspection will ensure your furnace is running efficiently, will make sure all carbon monoxide is properly vented to the outside and check for any leaks. Annual maintenance is a small price to pay compared to the cost to repair or replace a neglected furnace or the cost of a hospital bill or death due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Our licensed and experienced service techs regularly attend training courses, in order to update their skillset and to make them knowledgeable on the latest techniques and technologies in the plumbing industry. Affiliated HVACC 911 service techs must pass a thorough background check and undergo random drug tests before working inside homes.    
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