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14 Aug

Boiler 101: The Ultimate Guide to Home Boilers by Your Local Boston Plumber

Summer is already in full swing across the United States. With the promise and the possibility of sun, surf and sand, it is unsurprising how central heating is the farthest thing from everyone’s minds.

While it is fine to enjoy the weather while it lasts, it is responsible to make sure that your home’s boiler system is in tiptop condition. Fall and winter after all would come knocking around in just a couple of months. It is always best to be knowledgeable about boilers and to face winter equipped and prepared. Fortunately, our network here at Plumbers 911 are privy to everything you need to know about your boiler system.

What is a boiler?

A boiler is an apparatus used in order to heat a property. Some types are capable of not only providing central heating but can also heat a home’s water supply.

Combination Boilers

Combination or Combi boilers are able to produce central heating as well as heated water. This heats water directly from the main water supply. This allows a household to do away with hot or cold water storage cylinder or tank. Generally, combi boilers are considered to be very cost efficient since they provide necessary home functions.

System Boilers

Like combi boilers, system boilers heat a property and provide heated water. However, system boilers require a cylinder for water storage. These storage spaces are built into the boiler itself.

Regular Boilers

Regular boilers are ideal for homes that use a lot of hot water at the same time. It is also recommended in areas where the water pressure remains low.

How does this work?

At the heart of a boiler is a burner. The steam that is produced to heat the home is created by burning the fuel inside the burner. It is typically filled with water. Water plus the burned fuel produces steam. Fuel sources can differ from boiler to boiler. Typically, gas or oil is used to make this heating system run.

Ultimately, the steam produced from the reaction between the water and burned fuel is run through the radiators, under-floor vents and specialized pipes that pass through the entire home.

Ask Your Local Plumber in Boston: Furnace System or Boiler System?

There are several options you can choose when it comes to heating your home. The choice is dependent on what works best for your property and your needs. Nevertheless, the furnace system and the boiler systems are amongst the top choices for heating installations. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages:


In general, a furnace system costs less than a boiler to install. For properties with no existing piping system, furnaces are ideal since they are easier to install and less expensive to maintain. However, if you are looking for long-term savings, the boiler system is the cheaper option since the monthly usage costs adds up to less than the cost of furnace heating.

Reliability and Consistency

Furnaces run on forced air. This means that the airflow is not consistent and can result in cold spots or drafts. Boiler systems on the other hand provide more even heating without the cumbersome noise of a furnace.


Unlike furnaces, boilers do not rely on a breeze to keep the heated air flowing. As such, boilers are considered the cleaner option. Boilers provide overall better quality air that is devoid of any contaminants or allergens.

The choice between a boiler and a furnace can be daunting. Fortunately, Plumbers 911 can guide you through the process of picking out the boiler that is suited for you.

Tips on Buying the Best Boiler System for Your Home from Plumbing Experts in Boston

Ripping out and replacing any part of a property can truly be a daunting task. A mistake can cost thousands of dollars and hours upon hours of wasted labor and professional time. Needless to say, it is important to cover all your bases when it is time to replace your home’s boiler system.
Below are a few considerations that would help make the process of buying a boiler less of a stressful experience:

Energy Efficiency

Choosing a boiler that is a decade old might be cheap at the onset. However, most older appliances are significantly less energy efficient than their newer counterparts. According to experts, older boiler models are 60-70% less energy efficient than up to date versions. Ultimately, buying an older model would cost more in usage and maintenance in the long run.

Size of Property

The number of rooms and bathrooms, your family’s hot water usage, as well as the total size of your property should be at the top of your considerations when planning to buy a boiler system. There are three types of boilers to choose from and each one caters to a specific demographic.

Available Space

Some boilers take up a lot of space. Aside from the boiler itself, you should account for the tank or the cylinder that is part of several types of boilers. If your livable space is tight, it is best to ask professionals like Plumbers 911, what the best option is for your property.

Hiring the right Plumbing Professional

Finding the right plumber to assist you in shopping for your boiler system is key to keeping the process stress-free. The right technician would not only be a trove of boiler knowledge but he or she most likely has suppliers that would give you the best deal.

Replacing, repairing or buying a new boiler can be a costly task in itself. The system is expensive and needless to say no one can afford for the system to be compromised by inexperienced plumbers.

For daunting tasks like this, it is best to trust a professional. If you have any questions about boilers, boiler repair or boiler installation, call Plumbers 911 Boston at (855) 550-9911 for service today!