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17 Jun

Do I need AC if my house has a heat pump?

Having a heat pump in your home is a great way to provide efficient heating and cooling. However, some homeowners wonder if they still need a separate air conditioner if their home has a heat pump system. 

The answer depends on several factors, but in most cases, the answer is yes.

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Variables impacting your cooling needs

Several factors influence your home’s cooling requirements and impact whether an additional AC unit is necessary to pair with a heat pump:

  • Climate – Homes in extremely hot southern climates have greater peak cooling demands, which may overtax a heat pump.
  • Home size – Larger homes typically need extra cooling capacity compared to the capability of most residential heat pump systems.
  • Efficiency level – Older, less efficient heat pumps may not cool adequately compared to upgrading your AC unit to a newer, high-efficiency model.
  • House layout – Homes with additions or separate wings often require zone control with multiple AC units for comfort.
  • Sun exposure – Homes with lots of south and west-facing windows experience greater heat gain from the sun, increasing cooling loads.

Signs you may need a separate air conditioner

Here are some signs that your heat pump system could benefit from a supplementary air conditioner:

  • Your home feels uncomfortably warm during peak summer heat despite the heat pump continually running.
  • Your heat pump runs all the time but has difficulty keeping your home below 75°F on hot days.
  • Some rooms are too hot because of poor air distribution from a single system.
  • You have high indoor humidity levels that are difficult to control with just the heat pump’s dehumidification.
  • Your summer energy bills are very high from running your heat pump so much.

When a separate AC Unit is necessary

In many cases, a heat pump alone is sufficient to both heat and cool a home. However, there are a few situations when you may still need a separate air conditioner:

  • Your heat pump cannot keep up with peak cooling demands on extremely hot days. Adding a supplementary AC unit will increase cooling capacity.
  • You have an older heat pump that is not very efficient at cooling. Upgrading your AC unit will likely be cheaper than replacing the entire heat pump system.
  • Your home layout makes a single system inadequate. Separate AC units in different zones can improve comfort.
  • You require additional dehumidification that your heat pump cannot provide. A separate AC unit may be equipped with better humidity removal.

Call HVAC 911 if you think you need a new or additional air conditioner

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