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18 Mar

How to put your heating system to bed at the end of the season

While winter is nearing its end, it would be a mistake to just throw open a window and forget all about your heating system.

From late spring through early fall, your furnace does not play the same critical role in your comfort as it did during the cold weather months. However, it does not mean you should ignore your furnace once you turn on your air conditioner. 

It is always a good idea to take care of any furnace maintenance needs once winter ends so your furnace is in prime condition when the weather turns cold again. HVAC 911 Maine recommends Maine residents take care of their furnace in the spring when there is less of a demand for HVAC service technicians.

Before you put your heating system to bed, schedule the first of your bi-annual inspections, change the filters and have a professional inspect your duct work.


Schedule your biannual inspection with a HVAC 911 Maine service technician

In spring, we recommend you call HVAC 911 Maine and be referred to a licensed, bonded and insured HVAC contractor to schedule your biannual HVAC inspection, especially if you missed your last inspection or the previous inspection took place more than a year ago. A certified HVAC technician can closely inspect your system and discover potential problems. These highly trained men and women can clean your system, and if necessary, fix any other issues they may find. They can also evaluate the age of your furnace to see if it needs replacing. 


Check and change your filters

If you do not hire a licensed HVAC specialist to perform a biannual inspection, you should at least change the filters on your furnace before the start of next season. Debris can collect in your filter and over time, it can clog and prevent proper airflow into your unit. When this occurs, your furnace will be forced to work harder, which will ultimately shorten its lifespan. A clogged filter will also make your furnace run less efficiently. 

For those who suffer from allergies, asthma and other breathing issues, a clogged filter will allow more dust, pet dander and other debris to get into your air.


Run your system for an hour

While dust can collect in the system when it is not used, there should not be any smells emitting from your unit when it is regularly running. After the cold season ends, turn on your furnace for an hour and pay attention to any unusual smells or sounds that could indicate problems. If you smell anything or hear loud banging sounds, your furnace will need to be inspected by a licensed HVAC technician. 

Also, pay attention to the heat produced by the furnace. If the furnace is not producing heat in line with its set temperature, it will need to be serviced. 


Clean your ducts

Clean air ducts are critical to clean air, especially if your family suffers from asthma, allergies or other breathing issues. Dirt and debris can build up in the ductwork and pass unwanted particles through the air when your furnace or air conditioning is operational. Spring is a good time to have your ductwork cleaned and inspected for potential leaks. 


Contact HVAC 911 Maine for inspection or repairs

When you need a licensed, professional service technician to inspect your furnace, contact HVAC 911 Maine. We are a network of HVAC technicians in Maine who can handle all your HVAC needs.

All of our Maine HVAC service techs are highly trained and fully vetted. They are drug tested, insured and bonded. Call HVAC 911 Maine and be referred to a trusted HVAC contractor today!