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20 Apr

Prepping your HVAC system for summer can save money

Spring weather is always a welcome sign that winter is over, but those rising temperatures mean relentless summer heat waves will soon be here.
Higher temps mean higher demand on your air conditioning, which means now is the time to prepare your AC system for what’s coming. This can help you save energy and money.

Why you should replace air filters regularly

A clean HVAC filter is a key to having an efficient HVAC system in the summer months. It can also benefit the health of your family. Your filter significantly reduces the amount of airborne contaminants being circulated.
Most HVAC filter manufacturers recommend changing your HVAC filter every 60-90 days. But during peak use months, or if you have any allergic conditions, consider changing it more often.
To check the condition of your filter, hold it up to a light source and see if any light passes through. If light passes through, it’s OK to wait a bit longer. If the light is dim or doesn’t pass through the filter at all, change the filter immediately.

How to clean an outdoor heat pump

Before turning on your AC, take a look at your outdoor heat pump. Chances are, you’ll realize you need to clean it and the area around it. Leaves, grass clippings, dirt, dust, and other debris clog your heat pump’s condenser coils. This severely restricts airflow through your heat pump, making your HVAC system work harder than it needs to. And that can skyrocket your summer energy bill.
To clean your outdoor condenser unit, start by turning off the system. Normally there is a shut-off switch or fuse nearby. If you can’t find it, turn the heat pump off at the breaker box.
Once the power is off, remove any debris from the heat pump. You can then use water from a hose to remove smaller bits that may be stuck in the coils. When doing this, be gentle to avoid bending the coils.
Cleaning your heat pump is possibly the single, most important thing you can do to maintain the efficiency of your HVAC system. Dirty or clogged heat pumps can decrease your energy efficiency by 60 percent.
While you can probably clean your heat pump by yourself, we recommend hiring a highly trained and skilled HVAC professional to do it for you. HVAC 911 can refer you to a certified local service technician who can repair and maintain your system.

A certified HVAC tech will help avoid costly emergencies

Regularly scheduled professional maintenance from a certified HVAC technician is the best way to keep the unit running efficiently and extend its lifespan .
HVAC technicians are extremely busy with emergency maintenance and repairs in the summer. That’s why we recommend regularly scheduled maintenance in the spring and fall so you don’t have to deal with any emergencies.
Whether you have an HVAC emergency or need regularly scheduled HVAC system maintenance, rest assured you’ll be serviced by specialized technicians who are masters of their craft. All our service techs employed by HVAC 911 affiliated contractors undergo extensive training. In addition, all our affiliated contractors are insured, bonded and licensed.
Contact HVAC 911 to be connected with the right team for all your air conditioning needs.