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24 May

Putting your Boston furnace to bed 

Now that the Nor’easter season is officially over, one of the rites of passage to kick off the warmer months in Boston is the ability to turn off your furnace for the summer.

While you may be eager to put any reminders of the colder days behind you as quickly as possible, properly doing so can help you save on your energy bills and ensure the longevity of your heating system.

Let the contractors affiliated with HVAC 911 Boston show you the most efficient and effective way to put your furnace to bed for the season. 

Turn off and clean the furnace

To prepare your furnace for its summer hibernation, locate the power switch near the system or shut it down from the circuit breaker panel to prevent it from accidentally turning on and consuming energy when it is not needed. 

Take some time to thoroughly clean both the furnace and vents. Wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth to remove dirt or grime and use a vacuum brush attachment to remove dust and debris that has accumulated inside the vents, which could hinder performance in the long run. 

Change the air filter

A fresh and clean furnace filter is essential for efficiency because it ensures proper airflow and helps maintain good indoor air quality.

A clogged filter restricts airflow, making your furnace work harder and consume more energy, generating higher utility bills in the process.

Inspect the ductwork

Damaged ducts waste a lot of energy and can lead to uneven heating and cooling throughout the home. 

Inspect the ductwork for any signs of damage and seal any leaks with duct mastic or foil tape to help improve energy efficiency and indoor comfort.

Final steps

Once you have completed all the necessary inspections, use a breathable fabric or plastic sheet to cover and shield the furnace from dust and debris over the next few months. Avoid anything airtight that could trap moisture inside.

From there, update your thermostat settings for the warmer weather. A smart thermostat allows for more precise temperature control and energy savings, including adjusting the temperature remotely while you are away from home. 

Call HVAC 911 Boston for professional furnace maintenance

If you notice anything unusual during your inspection or simply want peace of mind for the next heating season, consider scheduling a professional maintenance service before putting your furnace to bed for the summer.

The HVAC 911 Boston contractor referral service will connect you with fully insured, bonded and licensed contractors and highly skilled technicians who will perform necessary repairs and ensure everything is in good working condition. 

Extend the lifespan of your furnace while avoiding costly breakdowns when you will need it most. Contact a professional affiliated with HVAC 911 Boston today