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01 Dec

Seven reasons your furnace blows cold air

It may be freezing in Maine, but that is no reason for your furnace to blow nothing but cold air.

What can you do to get the furnace working again? Does this mean you need to replace your furnace? Is it time to call a HVAC repair specialist?

In most cases, the problem is fixable. There is a chance you may be able to repair the furnace yourself, but in all likelihood, you will need to call a Maine HVAC technician, who will have your furnace blowing hot air again in no time!

Here are seven reasons why your furnace blows cold air:

1. Your fan is switched to on

It is possible you have your fan set to “on,” meaning it will blow air constantly, even when the furnace is not on. This can result in drafts of cooler air coming through the vents. Check your fan’s settings and make sure it is set to “automatic.” This way, the fan will only run when the furnace is ready to heat your home and only hot air will blow through the vents.

2. Your air filter is dirty

The air filter of your furnace needs to be checked and changed regularly. This is especially true at the beginning of a cold season. A dirty filter will block the air flow from your furnace. Not only will you not get hot air, but it will cause your furnace to overheat, shutting down the furnace so the heat exchanger does not crack.

Replace the air filter and wait a while. For those who have a permanent air filter, clean it. Once you replace or clean the filter, the furnace should restart on its own. If it does not, call a Maine HVAC specialist to reset the furnace.

3. Your furnace control panel is broken

Your furnace may be blowing cold air because of a problem with the unit’s electric control panel. You could try resetting it by turning off the power switch to the furnace. Wait a few minutes, and then switch it back on. If that does not work, the electric control panel may be completely shot. You will need to call a HVAC professional.

4. Your pilot light is out

If your furnace pilot light goes out, it will blow cold air because there is no flame to light the fuel to create combustion heat. You will need to relight it. This is usually a fairly simple job.

Turn off the furnace. Locate the pilot light and turn the reset switch to off. Wait about 10 minutes for any excess gas to clear the line. Turn the reset switch to pilot. Relight the pilot light with a match or lighter. Once the pilot light is relit, switch the setting to on.

If the pilot light does not light or continually goes out, you will need to call a HVAC technician.

5. You have valve issues

If the pilot light does not light at all, there could be a problem with the valve. If a furnace has not been cleaned in a while, the valve can become stuck with dirt and debris. You will need to call a HVAC technician to properly clean it.

6. You have leaky ductwork

Sometimes a furnace blows cold air is due to leaks in the ductwork. Leaks will allow energy to escape, which means the furnace will not properly heat the home. You will need to call a HVAC professional to pinpoint and fix duct leaks.

7. You need regular maintenance in Maine

Regular maintenance from a certified HVAC technician can do wonders for furnace performance. We recommend having your furnace inspected and serviced regularly right before cold weather arrives. A properly trained HVAC technician can check your ductwork for leaks, change the filters and make sure all valves are working properly.

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