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10 Jun

Stay chill — a troubleshooting guide to air conditioner repair

Like any appliance, an air conditioner or HVAC unit isn’t designed to last forever. And even before that fateful day, your air conditioning unit will likely need repair from time to time.

Sometimes, the costs to repair an HVAC unit can be so high, it may be more cost effective to consider replacement.

At the same time, routine maintenance will optimize the unit’s lifespan and maximize its efficiency. Want the best performance from your air conditioner? Need to troubleshoot or repair an AC unit that’s not working?

The answer to all these questions, and more starts with finding a trusted contractor. Let’s explain why.

Does the air conditioner (or filter) need to be cleaned?

A clogged filter will restrict air flow — this reduces the efficiency of your air conditioner and makes it harder to cool your home. A dirty filter can also introduce more contaminants into your home, which can affect your family’s health.

Your air conditioner’s filter will need to be cleaned or replaced periodically. For central AC units, the filters will need to be replaced according to the manufacturer’s instructions. HVAC filters are designed to last 3 to 12 months, depending on the quality of the air in your home and neighborhood.

If you have pets, you will need to change the filter more often. Pet hair and dander can clog your AC unit. In fact, many emergency calls involve dirty or clogged filters.

Sometimes the air conditioner itself is dirty. This can include the fan blades and other dirt and debris in the system.

The air conditioner won’t turn on

If your AC unit does not turn on at all, chances are the culprit is a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. You may also have an improperly set thermostat or the thermostat is faulty. Check the setting to make sure it is on cool, not off or set to heat.

You can check your circuit breaker or replace a blown fuse, but if the problem happens again, it’s time to contact a professional air conditioner repairman. More than likely this is a more serious problem.

When it’s time to call professional air conditioner service technician

Some air conditioner repairs simply require a professional. Your unit may need to be replaced. Certain parts may need to be ordered and installed. Perhaps the repair requires the experience and tools of a HVAC technician.

It’s also worth having a professional inspect the unit regularly. Routine maintenance will ensure top performance and likely extend the unit’s lifespan.

At HVAC 911, we can quickly connect you to a certified, experienced technician who can assess the unit and make the needed repairs. When it’s time for a new unit, all HVAC 911 affiliated contractors are bonded and insured to ensure your unit is installed correctly and running optimally.

Contact HVAC 911 to stay cool, reduce energy costs and never be left in the lurch.