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28 Mar

What do I do if my heat pump is not turning on?

Heat pumps provide comfortable heating and cooling that is both affordable and ecologically sustainable, which is why it can be doubly frustrating when it is not working properly. 

Like many appliances, a heat pump is designed for 10 to 15 years of use before it needs to be replaced, and it usually gives warning signs that a fix or replacement is imminent. 

Let the contractors affiliated with HVAC 911 help you navigate the more common reasons why your heat pump might not turn on before its failures require an emergency fix. 

The filter is dirty

Sometimes, a heat pump will turn itself off if the air filter is dirty. This is a general maintenance issue that most homeowners can easily fix.

Filters should be replaced at least every season, but depending on the environment and location of the system, this might increase to a once-a-month task.

Heat pumps have many components

One of the most common issues with a heat pump is the failed functionality of one of its many individual components, which results in the system not turning on.

Capacitors, contactors, thermostats and control boards are common parts that may fail over the course of a heat pump’s life. These parts can be fixed promptly by a professional before replacement of the entire system is needed. 

There is a refrigerant leak

Air conditioners are not the only HVAC equipment that uses cooling refrigerant.

When refrigerant leaks from the heat pump, it will initially diminish the system’s performance before the system shuts off to protect the machine from operating “undercharged.” 

The compressor has failed

The compressor acts as the heart of the heat pump, as it pushes refrigerant through the system.

If this component were to fail, the heat pump would stop working and you would need to call a professional to replace the unit’s compressor.

The wiring is reversed

Sometimes, even after a heat pump turns on, the system will heat when it should be cooling or vice versa.

The reversing valve tells the heat pump to either heat or cool the home depending on what the thermostat reads, so any confusion may mean this component is failing or the wiring needs to be fixed by a professional.

Call HVAC 911 for heat pump repair and maintenance 

The worst thing you can do if you notice any signs of a malfunctioning heat pump is to do nothing. Any damage will only compound the problem until the system breaks down and needs to be replaced.

Regular maintenance and vigilant observation are key to ensuring the comfort and safety of your home, and HVAC 911 is here to help if you detect anything out of the ordinary.

HVAC 911 is a contractor referral service that can connect you with fully insured, bonded and licensed contractors who employ highly skilled and highly trained technicians who can be trusted to get the job done and to get it done right. 

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