Emergency Plumbing Services


Backflow Prevention

Backflow occurs when water flows undesirably in the opposite direction from where it should be flowing.

Electric boiler - Plumbers 911

Boiler Repair

A boiler should be regularly inspected to ensure it is working at optimum efficiency when heating your home.

Plumbers 911 - Emergency Plumbing Services - Broken and Burst Pipes

Broken / Burst Pipes

The main cause of broken or burst pipes is cold temperatures. Broken pipes or burst can occur anywhere in the home.

camera and sewer inspection plumbing

Camera & Sewer Inspection

Camera inspections of pipelines are used to find the location and potential cause of either sanitary or storm sewer line problems.

Professional pipe and drain cleaning

Drain Cleaning

A professional Drain cleaning service should be called when pipes are slow to move or clogged, it happens to all of us at one time or another.

Plumbers 911 fire and lawn sprinkler maintenance

Fire / Lawn Sprinkler

If not properly installed, your sprinkler system could useless due to an insufficient amount of water pressure.

gas system repairs

Gas System Repair

An improperly installed, maintained or repaired natural gas system can be dangerous, even deadly.

Grease Traps

Properly installed and maintained grease traps will keep you safe from a contaminated water supply.

HVAC 911 - Heat Pump Installation and Repair

Heat Pump Installation and Repair

Essentially, a heat pump exists as an energy efficient way to heat a home. Instead of creating heat or cold air, a heat pump simply moves existing air.

hvac furnace air conditioning repairs

HVAC Repair

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is the key to in-home comfort for you and your family.

plumbing appliance repair

Plumbing Appliances Repair

From garbage disposals to toilets and heaters, we install and maintain all types of plumbing appliances.

sump pump plumbing repair

Sump Pump Repair

An improperly installed or maintained sump pump can leave your basement or crawl space flooded.

toilet repair plumbers 911

Toilet Repair

We rely on toilets to perform needed, everyday functions. When they stop working, there is a problem.

water heater plumbing repair

Water Heater Repair

Hot water heaters and hot water tanks work to heat the water we use daily to shower, clean dishes and wash clothes.


Typically how long before a plumber arrives for an emergency service call?

Usually, our contractors’ plumbers arrive within the hour for emergency services. If the service is after hours and can be put off (saving extra overtime), it usually can be scheduled for the next day. We make handling emergency plumbing service work according to your needs.

If someone were to call Plumbers 911, what kind of service can they expect?

Plumbers 911 is a referral service to carefully-selected contractors that employ highly-skilled plumbers who have over 10,000 hours of training. These plumbers are all drug-tested and background checked. The majority of the companies we work with have been in business for over 10 years.

Anything else that makes Plumbers 911 different from other companies in the US?

Our contractors’ plumbers are highly trained, skilled plumbers that are honest and reliable. They always make sure that our customers’ satisfaction is the are our number one priority.

Additional Plumbing Services

Plumbers 911 can also handle all of your Non-Emergency Plumbing needs.
Such as kitchen or bathroom remodels, outdoor kitchens, outdoor showers, and more.

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