Broken and Burst Pipes

Broken & Burst Pipes

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Preventing the possibility of broken and burst pipes

Harsh winter temperatures can cause pipes to break or burst, especially if they are not properly insulated. It is critical to ensure all pipes are well wrapped and shielded, as well as repair any possible leaks before frigid winter temperatures hit.

Enlist Plumbers 911 to refer you to a plumbing contractor who can inspect your pipes to see if they are properly protected. Should a pipe break or burst, call Plumbers 911 to be referred to a reliable plumbing contractor near you.

What causes pipes to break or burst?

The main cause for broken or burst pipes is cold temperatures. Be sure to prepare for winter weather by having your pipes protected and insulated.

Corrosion is another cause of broken and burst pipes. Although pipe systems are made to last for many years, they don’t last forever. Corroded pipes will weaken until they eventually break. Another issue with corrosion is that the coating can wear off the pipe, leading to unwanted chemicals in your water supply, such as lead.

Be sure to protect yourself and your family by having your pipes inspected and insulated. Plumbers 911 will refer you to a local contractor who can do this work, ensuring your water supply is safe and protected.

What to do when a pipe breaks or bursts?

It is imperative to call Plumbers 911 for repairs as soon as possible when a pipe bursts or breaks.

When a pipe bursts, shut down your home’s main water supply, this will help to keep the water damage to a minimum. Depending on location of the broken pipe, the electricity may need to be shut off as well.


Regular maintenance and inspection of pipes and fixtures inside and outside of the home by a professional can help prevent the possibility of broken and burst pipes.

Our referred contractors will ensure that all insulation is proper for each pipeline and that any repairs that are needed are made. These inspections should be conducted in the fall or just at the beginning of winter before a hard freeze hits.

Call Plumbers 911 immediately for a referral to a trusted, licensed, bonded and insured plumbing contractor in your area.

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