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23 Jun

4 Tips to save money and stay cool with a heat pump this summer

A heat pump can be supremely efficient at cooling your home during the summer. In fact, if used properly, a heat pump can be two to three times more efficient than a traditional air conditioner. But the energy savings, operational costs and overall comfort depend on how you use your heat pump and how often you have it serviced by a professional HVAC specialist like the contractors at HVAC 911.

Heat pumps effectively cool your home by removing the heat from the indoors and sending it outdoors, so your home stays at a comfortable temperature. This heat transfer requires very little electricity compared to an air conditioning system. Once your home has reached the desired temperature, a heat pump works efficiently to maintain that cool comfort. 

To maintain peak efficiency, you need to be mindful of how you operate your heat pump. Here are four tips to get the most cooling efficiency from your heat pump.


1. Match the mode to the weather

There are three heat pump modes to keep your home cool during the summer. “Fan” uses the least amount of energy and may provide you enough relief by moving air throughout your home. But it does not actually cool your home, so turn it off when you leave. “Dry” is an ideal mode when it’s warm and muggy. It reduces the humidity to a comfortable level. “Cool” is the ideal mode for cooling your home — perfect for the hottest of days. Always avoid using “auto” mode, which is not good for efficiency.


2. Optimize air flow direction

Use fans throughout your home to redirect air flow on your heat pump. Direct fans toward the open space that is farthest away from the unit. Experiment with fan placement to find the ideal comfort level.


3. Set the temperature and forget it

Heat pumps work most efficiently when you maintain a steady temperature. Rather than setting a different temperature at night or when you are away from home, keep the temperature at a consistent comfort level. If you do adjust the temperature, do so by two degree increments. This will prevent your heat pump from overworking so it maintains peak efficiency.


4. Have your heat pump professionally serviced

Contact HVAC 911 to find a contractor to have your heat pump professionally serviced. This should be done at the beginning of summer and again at the end of fall. The professional technician can clean out the outdoor coils to allow for optimal air flow. They can also weed the area around the unit to maintain proper circulation. 

Have a contractor from HVAC 911 regularly change the air filters. This will ensure proper air flow and maximum efficiency.


Need service for your heat pump? Call the contractors at HVAC 911

If you need service for your heat pump, call HVAC 911. We can connect you with our network of HVAC specialists that can inspect and service your heat pump. They will change the filters, clean the coils and vents and remove any outside debris so your heat pump maintains peak performance. They can also inspect and tweak the overall system to ensure optimal performance from your heat pump. 


All our HVAC Techs are highly trained, vetted and background checked. They have undergone rigorous drug testing and are insured and bonded. Find a local HVAC 911 tech in your area today!