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07 Jul

How to fix an error code on an air conditioner? HVAC 911 how-to guide

It’s a hot summer day, but your air conditioner is keeping your home cool and comfortable — until suddenly, it doesn’t. The entire air conditioner shuts off and displays an error code. 

Now what?

Your first step is to decipher the error code. One might think manufacturers would make the codes universal so it’s easier on homeowners and HVAC specialists, but sadly that’s not the case. The exact nature of each code depends on the manufacturer and model of AC unit.

You can look up the error code in your owner’s manual, but if you’re like most homeowners, that got recycled years ago. Fortunately you can look up a digital version on the internet by searching the brand and model with the words “owner’s manual.” You should then be able to look up the error code according to your specific brand and model to find out exactly what’s wrong with your AC unit.


Your AC has gone into defrost mode

If the error code indicates your AC unit has gone into defrost mode, this is perfectly normal and not technically an error at all. It does mean something has caused the system to get too cold. A broken temperature sensor could also falsely indicate the system has gone into defrost mode.

There are numerous reasons why the defrost mode has switched on. It could be a lack of freon, a broken heat pump, a pressure issue or it’s too cold to run the AC. Normally, you don’t have to do anything. The AC unit will turn back on once it’s defrosted. But if this happens frequently, you may have a problem with the temperature sensor or the freon levels. Have your system serviced by a HVAC specialist like the contractors at HVAC 911.


Your AC has an outdoor sensor unit error

An outdoor sensor unit error occurs when the evaporation temperature is lower than the temperature under the cooling or dry mode. This will cause the compressor and outdoor fan motor to stop functioning.

Start by changing the filter, which could be causing an obstruction of air. Your indoor fan blower may also be dirty or defective. The fan motor may also be damaged or defective. You will need to call a HVAC specialist like the contractors at HVAC 911 to clean or repair it. 

Sometimes the evaporator and condenser coils of the air conditioner get clogged with dirt. It will need to be cleaned by a HVAC professional like the contractors at HVAC 911. 

There may also be leaks in your system. Check your ducts to make sure there are no obstructions. 


Your AC unit has a problem with the control panel

Sometimes an error code indicates there is a problem with the control panel. In many cases, the filter simply needs to be cleaned. It could also indicate loose internal connections, a communication problem between the indoor and outdoor parts of the unit or a faulty control panel. This may require a simple reset of your air conditioner by unplugging it and turning it back on. Sometimes the problem is more complex and requires a professional HVAC tech like the contractors at HVAC 911.


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