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20 Feb

Check your furnace for a carbon monoxide or gas leak

While a furnace is essential to keeping a home warm and comfortable during drops in temperature, it is still an appliance like any other that comes with potential risks when not maintained properly. 

Any homeowner or renter should know that a gas leak is no laughing matter, and the ability to detect one as quickly as possible is crucial to protecting your household and everyone inside. 

Let the contractors affiliated with HVAC 911 show you how to use your senses to check your furnace for a carbon monoxide or natural gas leak and equip yourself with the tools to keep your home as safe as possible. 

Use your eyes

If your furnace has a pilot light, visually check that it is burning a steady blue flame. A yellow or orange flame may indicate a potential combustion problem. 

Also, check for any unusual black, brown or yellow soot-like stains around the furnace, as that may suggest a carbon monoxide leak.

Use your nose

The sulfuric smell of rotten eggs is one of the most unmistakable signs of a gas leak, as the gas company adds it to aid detection of odorless natural gas. 

A professional should investigate all unusual smells upon evacuation of the home.

Use your ears

Unlike natural gas, the “silent killer” of carbon monoxide remains odorless and tasteless and, therefore, should be monitored by carbon monoxide detectors placed on each floor in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Such devices will audibly alert you when a leak is present, as long as their batteries are regularly changed. 

Also, listen for any unusual noises emanating directly from the furnace, such as hissing or whistling sounds.

Use your intuition 

It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to a potential gas leak or carbon monoxide leak. 

You may try to read your own gas meter or source household items like dish soap to test and confirm your suspicions, but the most important precaution you can take at the first sign of trouble is to leave the area and seek the help of a professional. 

Call HVAC 911 for emergency furnace service

Comfort is second only to safety in regards to heating your home.

Regular maintenance and vigilant observation are key to ensuring the security of your property and loved ones, and HVAC 911 is here to help if you detect anything out of the ordinary.

HVAC 911 is a contractor referral service that can connect you with fully insured, bonded and licensed contractors who employ highly skilled and highly trained technicians who can be trusted to get the job done and to get it done right. 

The worst thing you can do if you detect a gas leak is wait. Contact a professional affiliated with HVAC 911 today