Common boiler problems: What you can do and when to call for help
13 Dec

Common boiler problems: What you can do and when to call for help

In Maine, many homes and businesses use a boiler for heating. 

Boilers, as the name suggests, turn water into steam, which is then pushed through pipes to heat the building. 

The radiant heat produced by boilers is much more energy efficient than forced air systems. Boilers also heat homes more evenly, as the system keeps all of the heat near the floor of the room.

While boilers are a great way to heat a building, they do develop problems, many of which can be repaired. 


Common Boiler Problems

Like any appliance in your home, boilers will develop issues due to regular wear and tear. 

Should your boiler show any of the following signs, call HVAC911 Maine and be referred to a reliable, local contractor who can repair your boiler. 

  • Kettling – One of the most common boiler problems, which occurs when minerals build up in the water supply. The telltale sign is a loud gurgling or rumbling noise, which can cause future problems.
  • Ignition troubles – Another problem boilers can develop is the pilot refuses to light. In modern boilers, this process should automatically happen through an ignition. When the pilot does not light, the boiler cannot heat the water and provide your structure with heat.
  • The boiler keeps switching off – A boiler may over time begin to randomly switch off over time if it does not receive proper maintenance. This could result from 
    • High or low pressure
    • Air trapped in the system
    • Faulty thermostat
    • Debris or sludge built up in the pipes
  • Leaks – Boilers can develop leaks. If you notice your boiler is leaking or suspect there may be a leak in your boiler, do not try to fix it yourself. This is dangerous work and needs to be inspected by a trained, certified and licensed technician. 


Call HVAC 911 Maine for boiler repair

These and other boiler-related problems can occur if a boiler is not regularly serviced and properly maintained. If your boiler is not working properly, contact HVAC 911 Maine to be referred to local contractor, whose technicians are skilled and experienced to handle any boiler issue.


HVAC 911 Maine technicians are highly trained, certified and vetted. They have undergone rigorous background checks and drug testing and are insured and bonded.