No air in your home vents? HVAC 911 Service Techs takes care of the rest
06 Dec

No air in your home vents? HVAC 911 takes care of the rest

When no air comes through your home’s vents, it is probably the result of clogged ducts. Vents also need help being effective if there is furniture blocking them. 

Vent cleaning should happen once a month so that dirt, dust, and other items don’t clog the system. Removing obstacles that are too close is also a helpful practice. 

Checking to ensure your thermostat ac is active may seem obvious. Still, it is essential because if the settings aren’t lower than the expected temperature for the house, the cooling will not do its job. 

There are also cases where air doesn’t come out of the vents for just one room. This can sometimes result from a vent being closed or only partially open. This can also happen if a room is far from the unit and your AC does not have the needed power. Closing vents in hallways and closets can help solve this problem.


What can I do to push more air through the house?

There are several ways to give the airflow in your home a nudge. Keeping the vents clean and unclogged is a good first step, but cleaning your outdoor condenser unit is also essential. 

Additionally, if the windows and doors to the outside are not shut, it could also stop air conditioning movement. 

If these tips do not resolve your airflow problem, call HVAC 911. You will connect with a contractor that can make sure your home air efficiency is restored. 


What if it’s my heater? 

Similar to the AC, the vents should be cleaned monthly when using your furnace because they can experience the same clogging problems. No hot air may also happen because the quality of the heater is not high. 

Electrical heaters, heat pumps and gas furnaces each have their own needs depending on your heater. 

The best action may be to call HVAC 911 to evaluate your situation. HVAC 911 will connect you with trained technicians that can solve these issues professionally and accurately.

They are certified to do excellent work in both residential and commercial workplaces.


Call HVAC 911 now to be connected to trusted contractors in your area.