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10 Nov

Five benefits of using heating oil to heat your Maine home

Choosing an energy source to heat your home can be difficult, especially considering fuel prices. With the cost of natural gas and electricity through the roof, many homeowners are considering alternative resources for heat.

Heating oil has become a popular heat source in Maine for many reasons. Eighty percent of Maine homes use heating oil as their choice of heating fuel. It has several advantages – it is safe to use, readily available and cleaner than you might think. It is also ideal for rural areas like Maine, where utility companies may have difficulty servicing homes. A supplier can readily deliver heating oil to a home, even in remote locations.

Here are a few advantages to using heating oil in your home. If you would like to convert your home to an oil burner or heating oil-fueled furnace, contact HVAC 911 Maine. You will be connected with a Maine HVAC specialist who can recommend a plan.

Oil-burning furnaces are energy efficient

Many homeowners are looking at fuel alternatives to improve cost efficiency. Today’s oil furnaces have an efficiency rating of 95 percent, producing abundant heat with only a tiny amount of fuel. Heating oil is considerably more efficient than electricity and outperforms natural gas and propane when comparing heat output per gallon.

Oil-burning furnaces create a cozy comfort that is perfect for Maine winter

Heating oil burns considerably hotter than other fuels, producing a radiating, reliably cozy warmth even in the coldest Maine winters. Not all heating sources heat the same. Heating oil has a reputation for producing comfortable heat throughout a home. It is far more effective than electric heat and better than natural gas or propane.

Oil-burning furnaces are environmentally clean

When most people think of heating oil, they assume burning heating oil is terrible for the environment. That may have been true 100 years ago, but modern oil-burning furnaces have a remarkably low carbon footprint. Thanks to technological advances, heating oil today burns 95 percent cleaner than it did in the 1970s. Energy Star-certified oil furnaces are up to 4 percent more energy efficient than baseline models. They can save about $70 in energy costs per year.

Oil-burning furnaces are long-lasting and durable

Replacing any heating system is expensive. The beauty of oil-burning furnaces is they can last 30 years or more, with storage tanks lasting upwards of 10 years. You can extend their lifespan through regular maintenance from a licensed HVAC tech and by using low-sulfur fuels that are easier on the system. On average, natural gas furnaces can last about half as long.

Heating oil is a safe and stable fuel

Fortunately, heating oil is not explosive. It only burns through a method that converts the heating oil into heat. Oil must be heated to 140 degrees to vaporize and burn. It also contains no carcinogens, so there is no cancer exposure risk. Unlike natural gas or propane, there is no risk of deadly carbon monoxide exposure. It is rare for oil in a storage container to leak; if it does, the risks are minor compared to natural gas or propane. 

Want to convert your heating system to heating oil? Call HVAC 911 in Maine

If you want to convert your heating system to heat with oil, call HVAC 911 Maine. An HVAC technician in Maine can come to your home and install an oil-fueled furnace. They can also inspect and repair existing heating oil furnaces. 

All our Maine HVAC Techs are highly trained and fully vetted. They are drug tested, insured and bonded. Call HVAC 911 Maine for a trusted HVAC specialist today!