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29 Dec

Five tips to save money in Maine using your heat pump

A heat pump can be an incredibly efficient way to heat your home in Maine, but it works differently than a furnace. Unlike a furnace, a heat pump does not use fuel to generate heat. In fact, it does not generate heat, but pulls heat from the outside air to slowly heat your home. It works similar to an air conditioning unit, but reverses its refrigeration cycle to fill your home with heat, instead of removing it.

Here are five tips to optimize the efficiency of your heat pump in Maine.

1. Do not crank up your old heating system

Avoid turning up your old heating system, as it will only end up competing with your heat pump and cost you money. We recommend setting the older system about 10 degrees lower than the temperature you set your heat pump. If you set the heat pump for 70, set your legacy system to 60. This way, the legacy system is the backup heat source. If your home begins to get chilly due to a Maine cold snap, then turn up the legacy system to boost the temperature of your home. 

2. Avoid the emergency heating function

Heat pumps can sometimes switch into auxiliary heating mode, which is backup heat to pick up the slack when it gets too cold in Maine. However, do not assume this is the same as the emergency heating function.

Emergency heat function turns off refrigerant based heating and switches to electrical heat, which gets expensive fast. We recommend avoiding emergency heat whenever possible. This is why we recommend a backup furnace to switch on for bone chilling temperatures. Stick to the heat pump when the temperature is 30 or above.

3. Do not go easy on your heat pump

It is a mistake to use your heat pump minimally in a misguided effort to save on energy. For optimal efficiency, use your heat pump to produce as much heat as it can handle outside of emergency mode. Make use of fans to optimize heat flow throughout your home, as well. 

4. Avoid “AUTO” mode

You can be forgiven if you thought “AUTO” mode was the most efficient setting. The problem is “AUTO” mode can unnecessarily switch between heating and cooling settings. Always make sure the heat pump is set to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. 

Keep in mind that the “AUTO” fan setting is a different setting altogether and quite fine to use.

5. Do not neglect maintenance

A heat pump may be an efficient heating system, but like any mechanical system, it needs regular upkeep to perform optimally and produce the most energy savings. Remember to clean and replace the cartridges. Every year or two, call HVAC 911 to be referred to an expert residential contractor in Maine, who is properly trained to service your heat pump. 

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