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15 Oct

Five warning signs for Maine residents your boiler is about to die

A damaged boiler in the middle of a Maine winter can be a catastrophe. Not only does it leave you bundled in sweaters and snuggled under blankets with chattering teeth, but it can cause serious damage to your pipes and other fixtures in your home. 

Fortunately, there are several indicators that a boiler is about to fail. Pay attention to these five warning signs and if you see them, call HVAC 911 to be referred to an expert can install a new boiler. 

1. A history of poor maintenance

Not following through on a regularly scheduled maintenance plan is one way to kill your boiler. Poor or nonexistent maintenance is one of the most common culprits that leads to boiler failure. It is also responsible for exorbitant high energy bills, and can pose a serious health and safety hazard. 

We recommend an annual checkup as a safety precaution. This helps spot maintenance issues, and can extend the life of your boiler. It also can improve efficiency and lower your heating bill. 

2. Old age and frequent repairs

If your boiler is more than 20 years old and requires frequent repair, it may be time to replace it. Aging components can lead to a variety of boiler problems. You may need to replace the tubes or steel sections to keep it running efficiently. Eventually, the unit will need to be replaced, ideally before it completely breaks down.

3. Thermostat malfunction

When a boiler is having problems, the thermostat is often the first thing a HVAC specialist will check. Fortunately, a faulty thermostat is usually repairable, but it can have major consequences for your boiler. As a result, it may not turn on or shut down properly. It can also cause your home to be too hot or cold. Call a HVAC specialist in Maine if your thermostat does not seem to keep the proper setting.

4. Unusual odor

If something around your boiler smells bad or unusual, there is likely something wrong. Burned metal, plastic or oil smells could be a sign of overheating circuits. Rotten egg smells are a sign of a gas leak. In either case, shut the boiler down and call Maine HVAC 911 so a trained expert can repair the boiler. 

If you smell a burning fabric or dust smell when you first turn the boiler on for the season, do not worry. This is natural and will go away in a few hours. If it persists longer than a day, contact a HVAC tech.

5. Circulator Pump Failure

The circulator pump helps deliver hot water to the radiators and baseboard heaters. Once it stops working, the boiler cannot push hot water to heat the home. Sometimes a circulator pump can break down prematurely due to defect or neglect. Constant leaks around the boiler joints and strange noises are indications it may be failing. You can replace a circulator pump, but you should also inspect the boiler system itself to see if it too needs to be replaced.

Need boiler repair in Maine? Call HVAC 911!

If you need a boiler repair in Maine, call HVAC 911 to be connected to a network of HVAC contractors who are expertly trained to service your boiler – including emergency calls. 

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