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10 Sep

How to use state and local incentives to save on AC retrofitting

Are you looking to upgrade or retrofit your existing air conditioning system to improve efficiency and save money on your cooling bill?

The HVAC contractors who work with HVAC 911 can help. They can retrofit and upgrade your AC system so your house stays cooler without running up the electric bill. And depending on where you live, state and local retrofit incentives can make an AC retrofit more affordable and lower upfront costs. 

State and local incentives to the rescue

Unfortunately, Congress allowed federal tax credits for Residential Energy Efficiency to expire at the end of 2021. Unless further action is taken, you won’t be able to get any incentives from the federal government to help make an AC retrofit more affordable. 

But there are numerous state and local rebates available to help bring down the cost. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) provides detailed information on state incentives and policies for renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements.

There is an interactive map where you can click on your state and find available programs. You’ll find several that qualify for state or local rebates on an AC retrofit. 

Interested in retrofitting your AC? Call HVAC 911

If you are interested in upgrading or retrofitting your existing air conditioning system to improve its efficiency, call HVAC 911. We can make improvements to your existing system to cut your cooling costs and lower your electric bill. 

All our HVAC Techs are specially trained, highly vetted, background checked and drug tested. They are insured and bonded. Connect with a local HVAC 911 tech in your area today!