Five saving benefits of geothermal heat and cooling systems in Maine
04 Oct

When is the best time of year to buy and install a heat pump in Maine?

Many people wonder when is the best time to buy a heat pump in Maine. 

Some people believe they may get a discount if they reach out to an HVAC specialist for a heat pump installation during the off-season. Others take the opposite approach and decide to install a heat pump during the busy season in hopes of saving some money.

There is no best time of the year to buy a heat pump, as the off-season does not typically save you any money because the actual heat pump itself does not go on sale. The only advantage to the offseason is that it may be easier to find an HVAC tech for installation.

Having an HVAC specialist available to install the heat pump when you want is a great advantage. We recommend not waiting until winter to install a new heat pump unless it is necessary. 

However, if your heat pump breaks down and needs to be fixed or replaced, then call HVAC 911 Maine and be referred to a contractor who can expertly repair or install a heat pump.

The best time to purchase a new unit is before your current heat pump breaks

The best time to replace a heat pump is before your existing heat pump dies. Generally, heat pumps can last between 10 and 15 years, so you should plan on replacing your unit about once a decade.

We recommend you get a heat pump inspection in the fall and the spring. Regular maintenance can be performed before and after the heavy workload of the winter season. Your HVAC specialist can inspect your heat pump and let you know if it is time to consider a replacement.

Call HVAC 911 Maine to schedule your biannual heat inspection. 

Fall or spring is an excellent time to replace a heat pump

If you need your heat pump replaced, we recommend doing it in the fall or spring when HVAC technicians are less busy. It will be easier to schedule an installation at your convenience, not in an emergency.

A heat pump will save you money on heating and cooling bills

If you do not have a heat pump, you are missing out on savings, as the units can save homeowners between 20 and 70 percent of their heating and cooling bills. With heating bills expected to hit a 10-year high this winter, the sooner you have a heat pump installed, the more money you will save.

Need to install a heat pump? Call HVAC 911 in Maine

If you need to install a heat pump, call HVAC 911 Maine and be referred to expert HVAC contractors who employ highly skilled and highly trained HVAC technicians. These local technicians can install your heat pump quickly and efficiently so you can stay warm and save money this winter.

All our Maine HVAC Techs are highly trained and fully vetted. They are drug tested, insured and bonded. Call HVAC 911 Maine for a trusted HVAC specialist today!