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10 Feb

Is investing in Smart Thermostats Worth It?

Smart thermostats are all the rage, but is it just the newest fad, or can it help you save money?

A wide range of devices, from smart appliances to smart home hubs like Amazon Alexa, can be considered part of the “smart technology” trend. In the HVAC world, smart thermostats have gained popularity among homeowners.


What are Smart Thermostats?

A programmable thermostat is a digital device that lets you control your home’s temperature on a schedule you set. You can program your home’s heating or cooling unit to raise or lower the temperature at certain times of the day. In terms of cost, programmable thermostats are reasonable; they are more costly than standard thermostats but less expensive than smart ones.

With more and more homes possessing advanced Wi-Fi connectivity, a smart thermostat gives you even more power than a programmable thermostat. It also allows you to regulate the temperature in your house from the convenience of your smartphone, even when you are away.

Costing $100 and above, depending on what features you want, a smart thermostat is more of a financial commitment than a conventional or programmed thermostat. 

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How does a Smart Thermostat Save you Money on Utility Bills?

In many cases, the energy savings from a smart thermostat will more than pay for itself within a year or two.  When your system is not constantly trying to keep up with heating or cooling your home when no one is around, you will save money and energy! Let the smart thermostat do the work for you. 

Some devices can tell if you or members of your household are home by detecting your smartphone’s location and adjusting the temperature to what you have programmed. 

These smart thermostats will also help you monitor your energy consumption. By monitoring your energy consumption, you and your family can make smarter choices on how to use the energy in your home better.  

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What Temperature Should your Home be?

Energy Star suggests the following strategies for optimal heating and cooling efficiency:

When no one is home, or at night when you sleep, turn the heat down by 8 degrees throughout the heating season. During the cooling season, raise the thermostat by 7 degrees while you’re away and 4 degrees while you sleep.


Rebates, Rebates, Rebates

Homeowners that install smart home equipment often qualify for energy savings programs, discounts and refunds from their municipal, state governments or energy providers. For local rebates and other incentives for installing a smart thermostat, it’s a good idea to contact your utility company and do some internet research on your own.  

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