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20 Feb

Five signs your boiler needs attention to avoid breaking down

As the winter months continue, a well-functioning boiler is essential to keep your home warm and comfortable. With more cold months ahead, do you know if your boiler is struggling to keep up? 

If your boiler does break, it can also damage your plumbing and possibly other household fixtures, so here are five signs that your boiler may be failing, and what to do if you suspect a problem:


1.) Cold spots or uneven heating

If you notice certain rooms in your home are colder than others, or that the heating is uneven, it could be a sign your boiler is struggling to distribute heat effectively. 

This could be caused by a range of issues – from a faulty thermostat to a clogged pipe – so it is important to contact a professional to diagnose the problem. HVAC 911 can refer you one of our affiliated, professional contractors who are specially trained to assist with boiler problems


2.) Your boiler is making strange noises.

If your boiler is making unusual noises, such as banging or whistling, it could indicate a problem with the system. This could be caused by anything from air in the pipes to a faulty pump.

This is another situation where it is best to call a professional to investigate. Again, you can quickly contact HVAC 911 for a referral.


3.) Higher than normal energy bills

If you have noticed a sudden increase in your energy bills, it could be a sign your boiler is struggling to function efficiently. A range of issues could be the cause, from an outdated system to poor or improper insulation. 

The affiliated contractors with HVAC 911 know how to assess the situation and make recommendations on improvement options.


4.) Frequent breakdowns

If you have already had to call for boiler repairs multiple times this season, it could be a sign that the entire system is failing and you should replace the boiler. 

Repairs, especially on an aging sytem can provide a temporary fix, but it may only delay the inevitable. At some point, the short-term costs of more patchwork repairs versus more long-term costs of replacing a failing boiler with a more efficient unit, need to be considered.

The professional contractors referred by HVAC 911 can help weigh both sides of this difficult decision to determine if another repair can get you through the rest of winter, or if replacement is a better long-term option.


5.) Long time, no maintenance

It is recommended that you have your boiler inspected once a year. Routine maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your system and avoid surprises and the signs listed above that often mean major problems.

Regular maintenance will also help maintain efficiency and save you money. If you have not had your boiler serviced in years, you should consider making a service appointment soon, regardless of any of the signs listed above. 


Need help with your boiler? Call HVAC 911

If trouble shooting these warning signs concern you, or you do not have time, call HVAC 911and be quickly connected to a licensed and bonded HVAC contractor in your area.

All the HVAC technicians who work for our affiliated contractors have undergone rigorous training and a qualification process, including background checks and drug testing. 

So if you suspect your boiler is failing or if you need any HVAC services, do not hesitate to call HVAC 911. We can refer you to licensed and experienced contractors who specialize in boiler repair and replacement. 

In addition to boiler repair and replacement, we also offer a variety of HVAC maintenance and repair services to help keep your home’s heating and cooling systems running smoothly. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, our contractors have the skills and expertise to get the job done right the first time.