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08 Jan

Is my boiler failing? 

While a boiler acts as the backbone of the heating system and overall comfort of many homes, it is typically not considered top of mind…until something goes terribly wrong. 

Like any appliance, a boiler can experience wear and tear over time, but an emergency failure on a device under 15 years old will likely only occur if the system is not properly inspected and maintained.

Let the contractors affiliated with HVAC 911 advise you on the key signs that your boiler might be failing and help you identify these issues early in order to avoid costly repairs and replacements.  

Irregular heating patterns

Inconsistent heating throughout the home can be a red flag for impending failure. If certain rooms are much colder than others, or if your boiler struggles to maintain a consistent temperature, it is time to check for leaks, blockages or issues with the thermostat that could be negatively affecting your boiler’s efficiency. 

If you find yourself having to relight the pilot light more often than usual, this may also indicate a persistent issue that needs to be addressed. 

Unusual noises

One of the most vocal indicators of a failing boiler is unusual banging, clunking or kettling (whistling) sounds. These can signify various issues, such as limescale buildup, trapped air in the system, loose bolts or a malfunctioning pump. 

Regularly listening for these sounds and addressing them immediately once they start can help prevent further damage. 

Water pressure and leaks

You should regularly inspect your boiler for any visible signs of rust or corrosion, as that can indicate water damage that could significantly impact the efficiency and lifespan of the unit. 

Water leaks around the unit are also a clear sign that something could be wrong, such as corroded pipes, faulty pressure valves or a damaged heat exchanger. Ignoring these leaks can quickly lead to further deterioration of the boiler’s components. 

Increased utility bills

Even without regular visual inspection of the boiler unit, a notable way any homeowner can track if something is wrong with its efficiency is the effect it has on their bank account. Keep an eye on your energy bills for any sudden spike in costs without a corresponding increase in usage, as that is a clear sign your boiler is working harder than usual to perform for some reason. 

Entrust your boiler maintenance and repair to HVAC 911

Regular observation and maintenance are the keys to ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your boiler and making sure it keeps running when you need it most this winter. 

By paying attention to these probable signs of failure, you can help identify issues early and seek professional assistance before a complete – and costly – failure occurs. 

HVAC 911 is on call, whether during emergencies or to help prevent them from happening in the first place.

Our contractor referral service will connect you with fully insured, bonded and licensed contractors who employ highly skilled and highly trained technicians who you can trust to get the job done. 

Don’t get caught out in the cold with a failing boiler this winter. Contact a professional affiliated with HVAC 911 today