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15 Dec

Learn about the benefits of zone heating

It won’t be long until the temperatures begin to drop, and shortly after every winter cold spell, many homeowners get hit with high utility bills. 

One of the ways homeowners can reduce those high bills is to install a zone heating system, which allows better temperature control in different areas of your home. 

With a properly installed zone heating system, you can program specific temperatures and settings based on factors like how often you use certain parts of your home. By zoning your heat, you don’t waste energy heating rooms not in use. This ultimately saves money. 

The heating and cooling contractors affiliated with HVAC 911 can help you determine if installing a zone heating system is a good investment. They also employ experienced technicians who can properly install zone heating in your house. 

How Zone heating works

A zone heating system allows you to set different temperatures in various areas of your home. Each zone is managed with its own thermostat. 

Electronically controlled vents in the ductwork regulate the flow of air from the furnace into each zone. The system is designed to open and close the vents to maintain the desired temperature of each zone. 

With zone heating, there is no need to waste fuel or energy heating areas used infrequently. Besides saving energy by not heating unused rooms, similar controls can take advantage when your kitchen is in use and it is producing additional heat. 

Extend the life of your unit

The life of your unit can be extended by reducing how often it is used. Zone heating can help reduce the wear and tear on your furnace because it does not have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature throughout your home. Extending the life of your unit saves money in the long run.

Year-round flexible options 

Zoned systems can work for both heating and cooling homes for year-round comfort and savings. For all the benefits mentioned here about heating homes in the winter, zone systems are just as beneficial in warmer climates when air conditioners are working overtime to cool your home. 

Zone heating is a smart investment to extend the life of both your furnace and air conditioning units. 

If you are interested in zone heating and cooling, contact HVAC 911 and be referred to one of our local affiliated contractors to begin the process. 

HVAC 911 is a network of HVAC contractors that employ highly skilled technicians who have gone through rigorous training and background checks. They are insured, bonded and licensed. 

Do not pay more than you have to on energy bills. Contact a licensed contractor with HVAC 911 today to make your home as comfortable as possible.