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16 Nov

Want to save money this winter? Why you should replace an old boiler

Winter is just around the corner. Your boiler may be old, but it still works. Should you think about replacing it?

If your boiler is over 15 years old, you probably should. It may work OK now, but it’s not efficient — and that costs you money in high energy bills. 

Modern efficient condensing boilers were first introduced in the 1980s, but did not become common until the 1990s because of early reliability issues. If your boiler is 15 to 20 years old, you likely have a heat only boiler, which wastes gas significantly. 

Is it worth replacing an oil boiler?

Installing a high efficiency condensing boiler can be up to 15 percent more efficient, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. And with surging prices for heating oil and natural gas, experts expect heating bills to jump as much as 54 percent compared to last year. Cutting back on your gas bill can save you hundreds of dollars per year. 

What is a high efficiency condenser boiler?

Older gas boilers burn gas or propane to heat the water, venting to the outside through a vent pipe. These boilers operate at high temperatures, losing a good portion of the heat through the vent during the combustion process. A non-condensing boiler tends to be 80 to 85 percent as efficient as a modern condensing boiler.

But modern condensing boilers are designed to provide ample heat while operating at lower temperatures. The condensation happens within the venting system, recovering the latent heat of vaporization in a process that is much more efficient. Good condensing boilers can attain energy efficiency of 90 percent or more.

A new boiler dramatically lowers repair costs

As your boiler ages, it continues to become less reliable. This means more frequent and more expensive repair costs. Parts for older boilers can be hard to come by, which means they tend to be expensive. A typical repair may have less immediate expense than installing a new boiler, but over time, those repair costs add up. Between the efficiency savings and the money you save on repairs, you are often better off investing in a new boiler sooner than later. 

A new boiler is better for the environment

Not only will a new boiler reduce your energy bill, it’s better for the environment. A condenser boiler has significantly lower emissions than an older boiler. And since it’s more efficient, you’re using less gas.

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