gas system repairs
20 Nov

Your Gas System and how it powers your stove

While many professional chefs use gas stoves to cook famous dishes, what does it mean for you in a residential setting? Do you have the gas system to power a new stove? 

Some of the basics about what happens to the gas when you install and use a gas stove in your home:

  • Natural gas enters your home from a main gas supply line
  • The stove contains an ignition system that lights the gas and air to create the blue flame
  • Your stove then allows you to control the amount of gas that is released and mixes with the air to regulate the temperature of your burner

All of these processes rely on a gas system that is properly installed and maintained to ensure natural gas is properly handled along the route. Gas stoves can present potentially hazardous problems if poorly installed or maintained. 

Because safety is an important factor, for not only you but for your loved ones, neighbors and plumbers who will work on the gas system in the future, we recommend finding a professional Plumbers 911 Plumber in your area to complete the work. 

If you are considering a kitchen remodel or adding a gas oven to your home, we encourage you to learn more about gas systems.