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10 Apr

Do I Have a Failing Boiler?

A broken boiler can have disastrous consequences. You’ll need to wear sweaters and blankets until it is fixed, but a broken boiler can also severely damage your plumbing and other household fixtures.

Thankfully, there are a few warning signs that homeowners can look for that may indicate your boiler is on the verge of breaking. If you notice any of these five signs, it’s time to call HVAC 911 and get connected with a professional who can repair your system or install a new boiler.


A Lack of Boiler Maintenance

Disregarding proper maintenance is one way to increase the likelihood your boiler will break. It also can cause skyrocketing energy costs due to a less efficient system. 

If you want to play it safe, get it checked out once a year. You can save money on repairs and extend the life of your boiler. This will also reduce heating costs and make your home more energy efficient.

A contractor that is affiliated with HVAC 911 will be more than happy to come to your home and perform regular maintenance on your home’s boiler system—saving you money in the long run.


Age and the Need for Constant Maintenance

Consider getting a new system when a boiler gets to be 20 years or older, or if the system seems to need constant maintenance. Mechanical breakdowns, leaks and other issues are all likely signs of aging boiler parts. 

To maintain its peak performance, you should swap out worn-out tubes or sections of steel. The unit will need to be replaced at some point, preferably before it completely fails, which will inevitably happen.

Once your boiler reaches this advanced age, you should have a conversation with a contractor referred by HVAC 911. Then, a licensed professional can discuss the steps to take or whether it’s time to purchase a new unit.  


Problem with the Thermostat

A contractor that is part of HVAC 911 will typically check the thermostat first when a boiler is malfunctioning. A broken thermostat can cause plenty of problems, but it is usually an easy fix. If your home’s thermostat won’t stay at the desired temperature, it’s time to call an expert from HVAC 911.


Strange Odors in your Home

When you first turn on the boiler for the season, you may notice a burning fabric or dust smell. This is normal. After a few hours, however, this smell should disappear on its own. If the problem lasts more than a day, you should have a technician look at your boiler system. HVAC 911 can refer a trusted professional. 

There is probably something wrong if you notice a strange or foul odor near your boiler. Burning metal, plastic, or oil smells could indicate that your circuits are getting too hot. If you detect a rotten egg smell, this could mean a gas leak. Turn off the boiler and contact HVAC 911 for professional assistance.


Circulator Pump Failure

The radiators and baseboard heaters would only be effective with a functioning circulator pump. If the boiler fails, there will be no hot water to heat the house. A circulator pump can fail unexpectedly if it is not maintained correctly. 

Leaks at the boiler’s joints and unusual noises are signs of impending failure. Changing out a circulator pump should be done by a professional contractor from HVAC 911, but before you do, you should check to see if the entire boiler system needs to be updated first.  


Are you looking for boiler repair services? Call HVAC 911 in if you need emergency service from qualified HVAC professionals to fix your boiler.

Our contractors are fully insured, bonded, and licensed, and our HVAC service technicians have passed rigorous training and drug screening.

Boiler repair is available now through HVAC 911.

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