HVAC 911 - Getting your HVAC system ready for summer, this spring
15 Mar

Getting your HVAC system ready for summer, this spring

In most places, the switch from using the heater to the air conditioner occurs now that spring has arrived. If you want to get the most out of your HVAC system and keep your costs down, you should get it checked and serviced soon.

Homeowners can save money by performing simple spring maintenance tasks on their air conditioners. Still, if you lack the time, expertise or motivation to do so, you can call HVAC 911. Then you will be connected to a local contractor who will send a technician to your home to perform these springtime tasks.


Replace that filter!

Typically, you need to replace your HVAC filter when the seasons change. Maintaining a clean and functional air conditioner requires regular maintenance, including cleaning and replacing filters.

As much as 5 percent of your annual energy cost can be reduced by replacing an old filter in your HVAC system. People with pets and those with allergies should replace their filters more frequently.

Filter replacements can be found at most hardware stores. Before heading out to the store, you should write down the current filter’s brand, model and dimensions to ensure you purchase the correct product.

If all this sounds like too much for you to do, contact HVAC 911. They have a network of licensed and bonded contractors near you. These contractors can send a skilled HVAC technician to your home to perform maintenance tasks.


Clean All of the Registers

Supply vents and intake registers are best cleaned in the spring. Ensure all the vents in the house are open so air can circulate freely. Furniture, rugs or curtains shouldn’t obstruct the air conditioner’s airflow.

You can clean the slats by removing them from the vents, vacuuming them to remove any dust or pet hair that may have gathered during the winter and then washing them in warm water with mild soap.

However, there are areas that need to be cleaned by an HVAC 911 professional. This network of contractors has a company near you that can send a technician to clean your home’s registers thoroughly.


The Ducts in Your Home Need to Be Inspected

It is also a good idea to check the duct system to see if there are any issues, such as holes or dents. Then contact HVAC 911  to find an HVAC contractor near you who can send a technician to your home to clean or repair your ducts. Clean ductwork improves air quality.

It’s essential to clean the air ducts of dust and allergens accumulated during the winter before turning on the air conditioner. This is especially important if you have pets. Pet dirt and dander can quickly clog up your home’s ductwork.


Consider Installing a Programmable Thermostat

When the summer heat finally arrives, you’ll be glad you installed a programmable thermostat. When cooling isn’t necessary while you are sleeping or away, it helps save money by reducing the workload on the HVAC system. Setting a comfortable temperature for your home’s interior is as simple as programming the thermostat.

Please speak with a local professional contractor from HVAC 911, and the technician they send can help you choose the right thermostat for your home’s current system.

Once chosen, they will install the new thermostat and ensure it runs properly.

If you’ve called HVAC 911 and are waiting for a technician, here are some things you can do to prepare for your appointment.


Take a Closer Look at Your Outdoor HVAC System

To get the most out of your outdoor unit when the temperature rises in the summer, you should ensure it is placed on a flat, firm surface. Did your condenser get damaged during the winter?

When you speak to the contractor you contacted from HVAC 911, tell them if you see anything out of the ordinary. 


Make Sure to Clean the Area Around your AC Unit

Leaves, mud and other debris likely accumulated around the unit over the winter. Getting rid of excess mulch, soil and leaves in the spring is a good idea. Remove or prune any unwanted nearby vegetation. To keep your AC system efficient, it needs a 1-to-2-foot margin of clear space around it.

This will also help when your local contractor sends the HVAC technician from HVAC 911. They will be able to spend more focused time on your spring AC tune-up than cleaning around the area.


Contact HVAC 911 for your spring AC tune-up

Make sure your air conditioner is ready for the summer heat by scheduling maintenance this spring. Contact HVAC 911 to be referred to a local contractor whose technicians are skilled and experienced in handling any AC issue.

HVAC 911 contractors are highly trained, certified and vetted. They have undergone rigorous background checks and drug testing and are insured and bonded.