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09 Mar

Looking for an Efficient way to Heat your Home? Consider a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are becoming an extremely popular heating system for both homes and businesses. They provide highly efficient heating, air conditioning and dehumidification and can quickly be installed by a trained technician working for a contractor that is part of HVAC 911.


How do Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps pull heat out of the surrounding air, even at cold temperatures and transfer it to the home. The only fuel they use is the electricity needed to run the pump.  Heat pumps consist of an outdoor unit connected to one or more indoor units that distribute the heat throughout your house. Heat pumps can efficiently heat in cold climates, even when outdoor temperatures dip as low as -15 °F.

There are four different types of heat pumps you can choose from:

  • Wall Units
  • Floor Units
  • Ceiling Cassettes
  • Ducted

Each of these options will look different inside your home.  It is up to the homeowner how they would like their heat pump to look.  They all function the same way and offer the same benefits; each option has a different profile throughout your home.


What Homeowners Should Consider

As you know, living in certain parts of the country, the winters can be frigid.  These cold temperatures can affect the efficiency and performance since heat pumps extract heat from outside to provide warm air.

As the temperatures drop, the heat pump works harder to warm your home, making them less energy efficient.  The system may turn off entirely if the temperature drops low enough. Consult the contractor you contacted from HVAC 911 on the minimum operating temperature listed for your heat pump.

Another factor to consider when installing a heat pump in your home is that heat pumps rely on air movement to distribute heat. This can make it hard to get heat around corners and into dead-end spaces throughout your home.

A technician from a contractor that is a member of  HVAC 911 has the knowledge and expertise to identify areas within your home that might be colder than others.  They will discuss your options to minimize this specific side effect.  

Another option to discuss with the contractor you found after calling HVAC 911 is how your heat pump will interact with your current heating system or if you should consider installing a backup home heating system. 

Your technician will know where to place the heat pump so it won’t conflict with the other system’s thermostat. You want both systems to run as efficiently as possible and not to be in competition with one another.

HVAC 911 Contractors are Ready to Help you Make the Switch to a Heat Pump System

Do you require the services of an HVAC contractor for your heating system’s inspection, repair or maintenance? HVAC 911 is an association of licensed HVAC contractors. If your heating system needs to be checked out or fixed, we know professionals who can help. 

All contractors that are part of HVAC 911 employ highly trained, certified and vetted technicians. They have undergone rigorous background checks and drug testing.

Find a local HVAC 911 contractor in your area today!